Wellness Centre - Teenagers

If you are aged 13-18 then this section is for you!


If you are 13-16 you are often accompanied by an adult or parent when seeing a doctor.


It's really important for you to know however that you can see a doctor or nurse by yourself if you want to discuss something personal and this information will be kept confidential. You may have questions or want information about how you're feeling, relationships or sex, contraception or pregnancy or drugs and alcohol. We are here to help and will discuss this with you confidentially. The only exception to that is if we feel you or someone else is at significant risk of harm. Even then, in most circumstances this will be explained to you before it occurs.


If you call to make an appointment, the receptionist may ask you the nature of the problem. Do say if you feel comfortable, but you don't have to say. It's mainly so we can make sure we book you the correct appointment type. If you don't want to bring a parent, consider bringing a friend or other family member for support. Pick a doctor or nurse you feel comfortable with and in the rare occurance that you don't get on with them or feel comfortable with them, do choose another one.


Promote ChatHealth text messaging support service for 11-19s


Sirona care & health runs ChatHealth, which enables young people aged 11-19 to text a school nurse for confidential support with a range of issues including mental health, body image, relationships, exam stress and sexual health

For more information click Here.


The PIPA trial is exploring the effectiveness of an online resource for
parents/carers to help reduce depression and anxiety in young people.

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