Covid Vaccination

Please click here for information on covid vaccines.

Please click here for useful information on covid vaccination if you are pregnant.


We are noticing some confusion about the different types of covid tests that are available. 

If you have symptoms of COVID you must do a PCR covid test. Lateral flow tests (that you do at home and give results in 30 mins) are NOT sufficient to exclude covid if you have symptoms. When discussing with the health centre please state what type of test you are referring to.

Lateral flow tests are only for use if you have NO covid symptoms.

Get tested for coronavirus (COVID-19) - NHS (

How we are operating differently during the coronavirus pandemic

For the latest information on our Coronavirus Vaccination program please visit our News section or by clicking on the banner above

 We are operating differently during the coronavirus pandemic to keep our patients and our staff safe. 

APPOINTMENTS All appointments with doctors will initially be a telephone appointment. This may be converted to a video or face-to-face appointment as required. 

Please do not turn up at our surgeries if you have not been invited. When you do arrive for your appointment, please either stay in your car or remain outside the surgery -you will be called on your mobile when we are ready for you to come in. If you are not able to wait in a car or outside then you are able to come into the waiting room and take a seat as long as there is space allowing for social distancing. It is important that you sanitise your hands on arrival and follow the instructions for sanitising the seat that you sit on. You must wear a face covering when you enter our buildings.


PRESCRIPTION REQUESTS Help us to reduce footfall to the surgery. Please use online ordering or if you are not set up for this consider emailing your medication request to the Prescription Hub


NOTES COVERING EMPLOYMENT 'sick notes' If you have to self-isolate and need a note for your employer, use this link to obtain one CAB website


CHRONIC DISEASE MONITORING  - Due to Covid we previously had to suspend routine chronic disease monitoring invites to ensure we were not putting our patients at any unnecessary risk. We have now started to resume invites, however we are prioritising conditions that may put patients at a higher risk of serious illness from Covid. Apologies if your invite is delayed.


TRAVEL CLINICS - We are not currently running a travel clinic. If you need travel services at this time, please contact a dedicated travel medicine provider.  


Health advice on Coronavirus



For all up to date information on coronavirus including symptoms, test and trace, self isolating and how to book a test - please click here.


For a really useful summary and information sheet on all things COVID please click here

Coronavirus support and wellbeing


Mental Health and COVID

North Somerset's '5 Ways to Wellbeing' is a really good tool to help you stay well is also an excellent resource useful info from the government website.

There is excellent information from the charities Mind and the Samaritans shares home based creative ways to support your mental health has some great local tips on keeping yourself entertained.


Keeping Active during the pandemic


Support for vulnerable people


Support for children is aimed at our younger patients.

There is also some local information on childrens wellbeing here


Nailsea COVID Help Group

01275 855277


Backwell Community Resilience Programme

01275 464 653


Long Ashton Coronavirus Support Network Facebook

Village Post Office, David Andrews  01275 392179 (coming soon)